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Cobourg Interactive Timeline
Cobourg Interactive Timeline
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Exhibit Themes

EACH YEAR the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre changes its theme and displays.

2014 – Cobourg and the Military

For this theme we will be counting on past and present citizens of Cobourg and their familes to help us tell the story.  Percy Climo has done us a great favour by compiling two books on Cobourg and the First World War.  But our military history is much more than that, and we'll be looking for items and anecodotes to help bring it all to life.  Please let us know if you have something to share.  (Contact us by email or by phone 905-373-7222)

Past & Upcoming SCHC Themes:

  • 2012 – Incorporation of the Town of Cobourg, 175th Annniversary
  • 2013 – Transportation, 160th Anniversary of the turning of the sod for the Cobourg & Peterborough Railway
  • 2014 – Military, 100th Anniversary of the Outbreak of WWI
  • 2015 – Industry, 150th Anniversary James Crossen & the Ontario Foundry
  • 2016 – Sports, 140th Anniversary of the Launching of the Countess of Dufferin
  • 2017 – Government, 150th Anniversary of Confederation