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Cobourg Interactive Timeline
Cobourg Interactive Timeline
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The original survey and delineation of lots for the area was undertaken as part of a survey of the north shore of Lake Ontario, conducted by Augustus Jones, in 1792. It shows the original plot of land on which the “barracks” building is found. That first survey shows the plot fronting on Lake Ontario and assigned to “the Crown”. Existing land records show the land being sold on June 21, 1819 by the Crown to a Mr. Nathan Williams. There is no indication of the existence of a building on the property in those records, but until the advent of fire insurance mapping and property taxes this was not common practice . The area was beginning its first period of significant development around this time.

In a letter dated September 11, 1814, a Lieutenant John Peters of the 1st Regiment Northumberland Militia refers to stationing a guard at a Depot near John’s Creek (also known as Factory Creek or Cobourg Creek). This could be a reference to the “barracks,” as it is located approximately 400 meters west of that creek.